Read our great reviews from participants on the Community Preventing Falls Through Exercise Programme. 


Joan - Churchway

Enjoy coming to the class every week. Jo is great!. 5 star service – Oct 2014


Beryl – Dawley Christian Centre

I’ve been attending Jo’s class four year, mentally and physically it has worked wonders for me. To be able to socialise and exercise for falls prevention, I would miss it very much! 5 star service – Oct 2014


Jean - Churchway

I find it very beneficial to me, helping my balance and joint. Also it is a good social hour, which certainly makes me glad I have been. Plenty of movement and lots of laughs.  5 star service – Oct 2014


Edna - Churchway

Most enjoyable afternoons. We are not asked to anything our bodies are not capable of, but the exercises do help to keep us more mobile and better balanced. We have an excellent instructor who make it a fund afternoon. Thanks Jo! 5 star service – Oct 2014


Muriel - Churchway

Community spirit, very good and friendly. We have some laughs and relaxing with our exercise. I enjoy the entire immensely.  5 star service – Oct 2014


Jean – Hall Croft Garden

Caroline is a very thoughtful person, and creates a friendly atmosphere which makes the exercise class enjoyable. 5 star service – Oct 2014


Pat – Hall Croft Gardens

We lopve coming to the class every week. Caroline takes our class and manages to mix in fund and seriousness which is much appreciated. We have learnt and benefited a lot from it! 5 star service – Oct 2014


J Smith – Hall Croft Gardens

I have found these classes very helpful, Caroline explains everything we do well it help us to keep on our feet. I have rarely have a fall since I started attending this classes. 5 star service – Oct 2014


Ellen - Churchway

I enjoy the class with Jo! 5 star service – Oct 2014


Eileen - Churchway

I think it’s very worthwhile attending for us. Also it’s very friendly and we have a good laugh too, much happy all together and Jo is very good with us.  5 star service – Oct 2014


Frances – Dawley Christian Centre

I have been going to the classes in Dawley since 2009 and it has helped me a lot! I have made a lot of good friends since joining the class and Jo is a very good instructor. 5 star service – Oct 2014


Lesley – George Chetwood Centre

I think this is very good for me. I have balance and co-ordination problems so all exercise is good, I know it has helped me a lot and would recommend it any who need exercise for oldies.  5 star service – Oct 2014


June – George Chetwood Centre

Very good relaxed and happy group. Jo is good at giving us exercise for over 60’s!. 5 star service – Oct 2014


Gillian - Chilcott Gardens

Enjoy coming to class every week. I have noticed the benefits both physically using muscles than I would not normally use and socially. I really enjoy it. 5 star service - July 2014


Mr A Immamorati - Donnington

Excellently run, good exercise for all ability, staff very caring. 5 star service - July 2014


Ian S - Donnington

It is very good and helps my mobility, excellent class Leighmarie is one of the best you could have! 5 star service - July 2014


Patricia I - Donnington

Excellent exercise to keep me active at 75 years. My husband and I look forward to our weekly exercise. I have crepitus in my neck after a car crash and since coming here i can now turn my head round much further. Thanks to Leighmarie. 5 star service - July 2014


Ian M - Donnington

I have felt the benefit of the exercise. I do some of the exercises myself but I have been supported. 5 star service - July 2014


Brenda P - Donnington

These classes are vital to us elderly. Please dig deep in your pockets to keep our classes going! 5 star service - July 2014


Pat D - Donnington

I love to go to these classes, it realy helps me and i feel better for it. 5 star service - July 2014


Anne P - Donnington

It is very necessary for older people to have these opportunities or A&E would be more inundated than that are. 5 star service - July 2014


Pat S - Donnington

It's a good class and Leighmaire is very good. 5 star service - July 2014


Ann J - Donnington

I started coming to Aerobics classes here many years ago. This class is now my rescue, I love this class for my age and what I am now capable of. I look forward to my Monday morning work-out. 5 star service - July 2014


Avril H - Donnington

Been coming to the classes for two to three year's and find it very good and helpful. 5 star service - July 2014


Mary D - Donnington

A good class but stretching us within our capabilities, which is good and encouraging for our fitness. Well done Leighmaire. 5 star service - July 2014


Enid H - Donnington 

As far as I'm concerned the classes as helped me with my movement and balance. Enjoyable sessions. 5 star service - July 2014


Alice A - Chilcott Gardens

Broke my hip and thing this exercise very good to keep me mobile. Come every Monday and I enjoy it very much, Leighmarie is very good. 5 star service - July 2014


Wyn A - Chilcott Gardens

Coming to Chilcott Gardens for exercise has helped me to cope with Osteo arthritis and unexplained falls. Socially it has given me new friend and i now enjoying a volunteer at the centre. 5 star service - July 2014


Billy A - Chilcott Gardens

I like the classes. I've found the classes to be useful and when I go and see my grandchildren I get them doing. I go to the classes twice a week, I walked 5 mile in a hour and a half and some of this has been achieved by attending the classes. 4 star service - July 2014